Antiplagarism Policy

The Editorial Board of IJMPR expects all prospective authors to read and understand our Ethics Policy before submitting any manuscripts to our journals. Please note that submitted manuscripts may be subject to checks using the URKUND on service, in conjunction with INFLIBNET, in order to detect instances of overlapping and similar text.


The anti-plagiarism software checks submissions against millions of published research papers, documents on the web, and other relevant sources. If plagiarism or misconduct is found, consequences are detailed in the policy.


The chief goal of our policy is threefold: to provide advice for our authors, to maintain the scholarly integrity of our journals and their content, and to detail the ethical responsibilities of IJMPR, our editors, and authors.


We expect all authors to read and understand our ethics policy before submitting it to any of our journals. This is in accordance with our commitment to the prevention of ethical misconduct, which we recognize to be a growing problem in academic and professional publications. It is important to note that most incidents of plagiarism, redundant publication, copyright infringement or similar occur because of a lack of understanding, and not through fraudulent intent. Our policy is one of prevention and not persecution.


If you have any questions, please contact the relevant editorial office.