International Journal of Management, Public Policy and Research en-US (Dr. NILAM PANCHAL) (Dr. NILAM PANCHAL) Sun, 29 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0000 OJS 60 DEVELOPMENT OF SOY BASED COFFEE ANALOGUE AND ASSESSMENT OF ITS QUALITY PARAMETERS AND CONSUMER ACCEPTABILITY <p>The objective&nbsp;of the study was to develop a soy-based coffee substitute and evaluate its sensory, nutritional, anti-nutritional properties and consumer acceptability in comparison to commercial coffee powder. Soybeans were treated with 1% NaHCO₃, then left to dry at room temperature before being roasted using three distinct methods: sand roasting for three hours at 80˚C, salt roasting for three hours at 80˚C, and salt roasting for one hour at 160˚C. The best quality powder was obtained by roasting salt for one hour at 160˚C. The soy based coffee analogue was developed by blending roasted soybean powder with robusta coffee powder in a proportion of 1:1. Three products including hot coffee, cold coffee, and coffee flavored ice cream (kulfi) were developed using soy coffee powder. Standard techniques were used to evaluate the nutritional composition, anti-nutritional factors (tannin and phytic acid) and sensory attributes. The results showed that compared to commercial coffee powder, soy coffee had significantly higher protein, fat, carbohydrates and energy (p&lt;0.05). The consumer acceptability of developed hot coffee, cold coffee and ice cream (kulfi) was 85.66%, 89.44% and 95.33% respectively. Furthermore, the developed soy coffee powder had significantly lower caffeine content (687.87±33.61 ppm) than commercial coffee powder (1609.18±31.83 ppm) (p&lt;0.05). Determination of anti-nutrient factors indicated that the processing methods such as boiling and roasting significantly reduced the amounts of phytic acid (43.5 mg) and tannin (24.4 mg) in the soy-based coffee analogue compared to the amounts of phytic acid (300 mg) and tannin (42.2 mg) in raw soybean (p&lt;0.05).</p> Richa Soni, Tarun Yogi, Helly Patel, Hemali Chauhan Copyright (c) 2023 Sun, 29 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0000 KNOWLEDGE OF RECOMMENDED DIETARY ALLOWANCES FOR MICRONUTRIENTS AMONG HEALTH PROFESSIONALS OF AHMEDABAD CITY, INDIA <p>The present study was planned to evaluate the knowledge, attitude, and practice of medical doctors and pharmacists about RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) for micronutrients. A total of 130 subjects (doctors (65) and pharmacists (65)) participated in the study. Knowledge, attitude, and practice were assessed using 15 items structured, self-administered multiple-choice questionnaire consisting of questions related to demographic information, knowledge of micronutrients in various stages of life, and general practice towards dietary supplements.</p> <p>Results revealed that only 9.2% of doctors and 12.3% of pharmacists had good knowledge regarding Recommended Dietary Allowance for micronutrients while most of the doctors and almost 50% of pharmacists had knowledge of acceptable degrees. There was a significant difference between the knowledge of doctors and pharmacists (knowledge score (KS) 7.98/15 and 6.52/15 respectively) (p&lt;0.05). Effects of education, experience, practice years, and the number of patients visited on knowledge of health professional data revealed no significant effect on knowledge score (p˃0.05). Efforts should be made to increase the knowledge of recommended dietary allowance for vitamins and minerals in health professionals.</p> <p><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p> Richa Soni, Vidhi Shah, Sweta Kapadia, Nehal Chavda, Tarun Yogi Copyright (c) 2023 Sun, 29 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0000 FORMULATION AND PHYSICOCHEMICAL EVALUATION OF POLYHERBAL ACNE SOAP USING SELECTED MEDICINAL PLANTS <p>Acne, commonly referred to as acne vulgaris, is a chronic skin disease due to abnormalities of sebum production in sebaceous glands caused by <em>staphylococcus epidermis </em>bacteria. Antibiotics that suppress <em>Propionibacterium acnes </em>are the standard acne treatment but are becoming less effective due to the appearance of antibiotic-resistant strains. Acne vulgaris suppresses an individual's self-confidence by causing distress concerning the physical appearance, which affects a significant number of individuals during puberty and is delineated by adolescence. Several treatments have been introduced to decrease the aesthetic and psychological problems caused by acne. Bacterial skin infections are most common, requiring significant attention for treatment and maintaining healthy skin. Alternative and complementary medicine, including medicinal plants, is becoming increasingly popular, also among patients suffering from acne and infectious skin diseases. Medicinal plants have a long history of use and have been shown to possess low side effects. These plants are a reliable source for the preparation of new drugs. Some herbal plant powders have antibacterial activity.</p> <p>The present study aims to formulate antibacterial poly herbal face soap using Neem powder, Fuller's earth, Lemon peel, Activated Charcoal, Sandalwood powder, Tea Tree Essential Oil, and Tocopherol. The antibacterial activity of the prepared formulation was tested using the agar well diffusion method against the organism <em>Staphylococcus aureus</em>. The prepared polyherbal formulation exhibited an excellent antibacterial effect. The prepared formulation was evaluated for various physicochemical parameters such as organoleptic characteristics, pH, foam height &amp; retention, skin irritation, &amp; high-temperature stability, for which good characteristics were observed. Prepared Polyherbal soap had a good appearance, better cleansing &amp; foaming effect &amp; did not have any side effects.</p> Tosha Gor, Dr. Nidhi Gondaliya Copyright (c) 2023 Sun, 29 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0000 A COMPARISON OF CSR PRACTICES OF SELECTED INDIAN AND FOREIGN BANKS <p>The Companies Act, 2013, which was passed in India, formalised corporate social responsibility (CSR). In a developing nation like India, corporate social responsibility is crucial. Companies that participate in CSR typically have a stronger impact on the neighbourhood. When CSR is practised, both the public's opinion of a company and its standing in the marketplace are enhanced. By taking deposits and disbursing money to other industries and people, banking institutions in India's service sector support the national economy. Public banks are free to donate to a fund for CSR initiatives even if it is not required by law for them to do so. It is intriguing to see how Indian banks use CSR funds wisely. Exploring a few Indian domestic and foreign banks' CSR practices. In this article researcher has been selected top 3 foreign banks working in India, 3 private banks and the top 3 public banks contributing to CSR.</p> Mahendra Kumar, Dr. Anjali Gokhru Copyright (c) 2023 Sun, 29 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0000 A STUDY ON PREFERENCES OF CONSUMERS TOWARDS INTERNATIONAL OTT PLATFORMS AND SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY IN INDIAN MARKET <p>There are several social benefits generated by digital platforms, including facilitating inclusion. Communication services have been critical in accelerating the inclusion of marginalized users into formal systems, particularly for financial, health, and education services that are enabled by OTT providers. Using OTT platforms places a significant strain on energy resources, services providing music and video streaming have a far lower carbon footprint than traditional physical formats.</p> <p>Over The Top (OTT) industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The usageofOTTplatformsinIndiahastremendouslyincreasedafterCOVID19.ThereasonsforthisismobilefriendlyandtheoriginalcontentthattheseOTTplatformsprovide.In India, big international players like Netflix entered and changed the entertainment industry making platform for more international as well as Indian OTT platforms. This study focuses on various international OTT platforms in India and their performance in Indian Market. The study attempts to identify current international OTT platform trends with reference to type of shows preferred by customers &amp; investigate OTT platform success factors in India. The research concluded that majority of the people preferred Netflix, followed by Disney+ HotStar and Amazon Prime Video. The respondent’s shows liking towards OTT which focus more on Original Shows and Web Series which gets frequently updating list just like Netflix. It was also observed that Disney+ HotStaris more preferred as they of digital broadcasting partner for big cricket events like IPL and World Cup. The research concludes that localization of content, affordable pricing, high quality picture quality, strong distributorship partnership, good user experience and better after sales services are the major factor for success of international OTT in Indian Market.</p> Dr. Anil Sharma, Dr. Hiren Harsora Copyright (c) 2023 Sun, 29 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0000 RISK MANAGEMENT BY PAIR TRADE: AN EMPIRICAL EXAMINATION OF MCXINDIA <p>Commodity market is the easiest yet most controversial instrument in the whole world to create wealth for the investors. It is tempting as well as good instrument to invest yet most risky in its segments. However, this instrument is the most unpredictable instrument of the world. People are having different opinions, some says it is just speculation while some says- in long term, profit is sure shot if invested in proper commodity instruments. To make aware time-by-time exchanges are shredding strategies where investor can protect their investment. In this sense Hedging – pair trade- arbitrage may help investor to either protect their capital of gain small but sure shot profit. This paper will focus on how investor can earn through pair trade strategy in which loss is minimum as well as profit is also minimum. Pair trade require little research before entering in to particle position. To check the effectiveness of pair trade. Out of most liquid commodity instrument of MCXINDIA will be considered. There will be pair from same segment. On the day of expiry, one commodity will be bought and one will be shorted. In addition, on that month’s expiry, bought will be sold and sold will be bought. Which one will be bought or sold from the pair will be decided through the 100-day moving average of the commodity. The research may help investor to gain through pair trade strategy with minimum risk</p> Shaikh Mohammadimran Abdulsaeed, Dr. Margie Parikh Copyright (c) 2023 Sun, 29 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0000 SENSORY BRANDING IN GUJARAT- CONSUMER PERSPECTIVES POST COVID-19 <p>Sensory branding is contemporary marketing that is connected with the senses with reference to brand. It is connected with customers on emotional and behavioral aspects. Many researchers have used sensory elements in their research such as vision, touch, sound, smell, and taste. (Lindstrom, 2005; Wansink, 2003). Considering strong research gap, current study investigates the consumer perception towards sensory branding. Current study has adopted single cross sectional research design based on primary research in Gujarat. Data analysis is done using SPSS. Study provides strong implications to marketers and society as a whole.</p> Gedia Hemisha Sunilbhai, Dr. Ashish Rami Copyright (c) 2023 Sun, 29 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0000 FACTORS INFLUENCING CUSTOMER’S TOWARDS DIGITAL PAYMENT – A STUDY OF SURAT CITY <p><strong>Introduction</strong> – With increase use of internet and mobile as well as the initiatives taken by the government have lead to the growth of usage of digital payment. Digital payment helps to develop an efficient payment system which increases the confidence of the customers and increases the transparency in the system. The digital payment is vital for financial formation as it reduces the cost of financial services.</p> <p><strong>Research Methodology </strong>– The present study follows a descriptive research design. The study focuses to identify the factors that are considered while using digital payment and the frequency of usage and modes of digital payment.&nbsp; The variables for the study are identified through review of literature with modification. The data for the study is primary and is collected through structured questionnaire. The analysis of the data is done through both descriptive as well as inferential statistics like factor analysis. .</p> <p><strong>Major Findings</strong> – The major findings of factor analysis is that the most important factor that is considered by the customers while using digital payment is cost and convenience of use.</p> <p><strong>Managerial Implications </strong>– The outcome of the study would provide an insight to digital payment services providers regarding various factors that customers consider while using digital payment.&nbsp; This will help the service providers to provide better services as per needs of the customers and will be able to serve them better.&nbsp;</p> Dr. Namrata Khatri Copyright (c) 2023 Sun, 29 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0000 FIRM PERFORMANCE AND DIVIDEND POLICY IN INDIA – MODERATING EFFECT OF CRISIS (PANDEMIC) PERIOD <p>Shareholders’ wealth maximisation is the prime goal of any organisation. This is mainly dependent on the firm’s performance which is connected with the return on the investment in lieu of the risk availed by the shareholders. Accordingly, sustaining the shareholders’ interest and stabilising the firm’s performance should be the core aspects of any organisation. Recently, the whole world has suffered from the pandemic effect which has impacted the whole financial condition of organisations and Indian companies are not an exception. Considering this aspect, the main aim of this paper is to examine the moderating effect of the crisis period which has arisen due to the pandemic on the relationship between the dividend policy and the firm’s performance. 433 companies listed on NSE has used for analysis purposes for the period of 2017 to 2021. The study evidenced the moderating effect of crisis on relationship between dividend policy and firm performance. More so, liquidity and leverage are positive and significant to the firm performance whereas dividend payout and firm size have no significant impact on firm performance. The results of the study are implicated to managers, stakeholders, investors as well as academicians as it contributes novelty in financial performance literature by addressing the moderating effect of the crisis period on the relationship between dividend policy and firm performance.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> Dr Avani Shah Copyright (c) 2023 Sun, 29 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0000