International Journal of Management, Public Policy and Research Gujarat University en-US International Journal of Management, Public Policy and Research 2583-3014 A SURVEY OF HOW POLITICAL MISINFORMATION GUIDED WRONGLY INTO PEOPLE <p>This study examined the relationship between the quality of information, literacy skills, social media use, and belief in false news. The findings suggest that high-quality information and literacy skills are associated with a lower belief in false news. The study also found that social media use is not a significant predictor of belief in false news. The results suggest that misinformation can be a threat to democracy and that factors such as the quality of information and literacy skills are important for countering it. The study did not find a significant difference in coordination maintenance between groups. The factors affecting the difficulty in tackling false news were not explored in this study. The study did not assess the level of corruption on a topic or discuss the reasons for creating fake news. Overall, the study highlights the importance of high-quality information and literacy skills in countering political misinformation.</p> <p>The survey investigates the relationship between various factors and the spread of political misinformation. The study analyses 199 observations using several statistical methods, including Spearman rank correlation, paired t-test, multiple regression, and one-way ANOVA. The results suggest that there is a positive but weak correlation between high- quality information and the threat to democracy. The study also reveals that individuals with higher literacy skills and those who consume high-quality information may be less likely to believe false news. The findings further suggest that social media platforms may contribute to the difficulty in judging the quality of information. Additionally, the study reveals that corruption level varies depending on the topic. The study provides insights into the mechanics of political misinformation and the factors that contribute to its spread.</p> Smriti Sharma Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-17 2023-10-17 2 4 1 10 10.55829/ijmpr.v2i4.181 IMPACT OF TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT AS A VITAL INSTRUMENT FOR BOOSTING MORALE AND PRODUCTIVITY AMONG YOUNG EMPLOYEES <p>Training and development are critical components of human resource management that play a vital role in enhancing the skills, knowledge, and capabilities of employees. In today's highly competitive business environment, organizations are continually seeking ways to improve employee morale and productivity. One way of achieving this is by investing in employee training and development programs. Based on a sample size of 200 respondents collected via a Google form this research examines the impact of training and development on employee morale and productivity, with a particular focus on young employees. Using a qualitative research approach.The study found that training and development programs provide young employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their job duties effectively, resulting in increased job satisfaction and motivation. Training and development programs are designed to equip employees with the necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities to perform their job roles effectively. These programs can take various forms, including on-the-job training, classroom training, e-learning, coaching and mentoring, and leadership development. Organizations use these programs to improve the performance of their employees and ultimately achieve their business objectives.</p> Ankita Singh Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-17 2023-10-17 2 4 11 17 10.55829/ijmpr.v2i4.182 PERFORMANCE & GROWTH OF INDIAN EQUITY MARKET: A QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH <p>This study focuses on the growth of Indian equity market over past few years and the performance of market for the upcoming years, as the technology has had an intense and irreversible impact on the world as well as Indian equity market. The study is based on quantitative research with the objectives to determine the impact of demographic factors of investors on their investing decisions and their perception towards the equity market. The study also analyzes the impact of equity market on the Indian economy. Primary research is conducted by Questionnaire method. Sample is collected using convenience sampling method with sample size of 224 respondents, consisting investors aged above 30 years, from major cities of Gujarat state. Inferential analysis is used to make conclusions on the objectives of our study. Non-parametric tests are performed using SPSS software. From this study, researcher can easily conclude that performance and growth of equity markets depend on various factors and variables. The expected returns of investors are also affected by factors like investment time horizon and percentage of investments. Also the opinion of investor regarding the growth and performance of equity market is affected by many factors such as their age, gender, occupation, income level, expectations of returns, current performance of market and much more.</p> Ayush Ajmera Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-17 2023-10-17 2 4 18 24 10.55829/ijmpr.v2i4.184 TRANSFORMING THE E-COMMERCE LANDSCAPE: EXPLORING THE BENEFITS AND APPLICATIONS OF AUGMENTED REALITY <p><strong>Purpose: </strong>The goal of processing this concept is to get vivid hands on the future of E- commerce industry with the inclusion of Augmented Reality, which has resulted in changing the whole scenario of the E-Commerce industry and to examine its life in future.</p> <p><strong>Approach: </strong>This research is carried out in order to understand the end-user’s preference and inclination towards the well-suited experience in E-Commerce in the matter of fashion &amp; apparel, furniture &amp; home-décor, automotive &amp; transportation, how much brick &amp; mortar stores have been impacted of AR tech.</p> <p><strong>Findings</strong>: AR is not affected by the gender of any individual, consumers are more inclined towards buying products via AR as they own better experience via this tech &amp; they do believe that demonstration should be made available to them priorly, social media &amp; fashion &amp; apparel are the most preferred medium by the end-users.</p> <p><strong>Originality Value: </strong>This study provides in detail comprehension on the thinking of the end-users how AR can impact the brick &amp; mortar stores, what products it may suit well with, main benefits, how e-commerce companies can improve their use on AR to get benefit &amp; drive sales.</p> Priyanka Jagwani Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-17 2023-10-17 2 4 25 31 10.55829/ijmpr.v2i4.185 FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGY AS AN INNOVATION STRATEGY FOR DIGITAL PAYMENT SERVICES IN THE MILLENNIAL <p>The rise of financial technology, or "fintech," has brought about significant changes in the digital payment services industry, particularly among millennials. Fintech has disrupted traditional banking and financial services by leveraging innovative technologies and new business models to create faster, more efficient, and more convenient ways for consumers to transact. This paper examines the role of fintech as an innovation strategy for digital payment services in the millennial generation. We explore how fintech has influenced consumer behavior and preferences, and we analyze the impact of fintech on the traditional banking sector. Furthermore, we examine the opportunities and challenges associated with fintech adoption and its potential for future growth.</p> Drashti Rank Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-17 2023-10-17 2 4 32 38 10.55829/ijmpr.v2i4.186 ROLE WISE JOB DESCRIPTION MAPPING & ITS USEFULNESS IN RECRUITMENT <p>This research paper explores the importance of Role-Wise Job Description Mapping and its usefulness in recruitment. Job descriptions are crucial for effective recruitment and selection, providing a clear understanding of job responsibilities and requirements. However, traditional job descriptions may not accurately reflect the complexity and diversity of modern job roles. Role-Wise Job Description Mapping is a process that maps job responsibilities and requirements to specific roles within an organization.</p> <p>This approach provides a more detailed and accurate picture of the job, making it easier to attract the right candidates and streamline the recruitment process. The research paper discusses the benefits of Role-Wise Job Description Mapping, including improved recruitment outcomes, enhanced employee performance, and increased organizational efficiency. The paper concludes that Role-Wise Job Description Mapping is a valuable tool for modern recruitment practices and should be adopted by organizations seeking to attract and retain top talent.</p> Lubna Kadri Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-17 2023-10-17 2 4 39 44 10.55829/ijmpr.v2i4.187 A STUDY ON FINANCIAL SCALABILITY CHECK ON INDIAN SMALL DEVELOPMENT BANKS <p>This study examines the financial scalability of small development banks in India by conducting a thorough analysis of their financial statements, risk management policies, and growth strategies. The research aims to evaluate the banks' ability to sustain growth while maintaining their financial stability and minimizing risks. The study also investigates the role of regulatory bodies in ensuring financial scalability in small development banks. The findings suggest that while small development banks in India have demonstrated significant growth potential, there is room for improvement in their risk management practices and diversification of funding sources. Small Finance Banks are recent banking initiative of Reserve Bank of India towards promotion of financial inclusion in India. Ten Small Finance banks operate actively across India and most of them got scheduled bank status. Small Finance Banks have a lot of challenges in terms of branch establishment, lending, deposit mobilization and operating expenses. The Small Finance banks need to survive and sustain despite all the challenges mentioned and to meet the objective of existence – Financial Inclusion. This article studies about Small Finance banks and small development banks.</p> Smita Pandey Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-17 2023-10-17 2 4 45 50 10.55829/ijmpr.v2i4.188 THE STUDY OF PERCEPTION OF EMPLOYEES TOWARDS LAYOFF POLICY <p>This study examines the perception of employees towards layoff policy in an organization. The research aims to identify the factors that affect employee perception of layoff policies and to explore how these perceptions may influence employee attitudes and behavior. A survey was conducted among employees in different industries and positions to gather data on their perception of layoff policies. The results of the study indicate that employees' perception of the fairness of the layoff policy, communication about the policy, and support provided to employees during the layoff process are significant factors that impact employee perception of layoff policies. Moreover, employee perception of layoff policies has a significant influence on their job satisfaction, commitment, and intention to stay with the organization. . The findings of this study provide insights for organizations to improve their layoff policies and communication strategies to better manage employee perceptions during times of organizational change.</p> Dhvani Govani Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-17 2023-10-17 2 4 51 62 10.55829/ijmpr.v2i4.189 ACCOUNTING AND AUDITING WITH BLOCK CHAIN TECHNOLOGY AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – AN EMPIRICAL STUDY <p>This paper reviews published research on how blockchain technology can affect accounting and AI-enabled auditing, focusing on the characteristics of blockchain data such as immutability, append-only, shared, verified, and agreed-upon. The study identifies four subjects related to how blockchain has changed record-keeping in accounting, including event-based accounting, real- time data collection, accounting with three entries, and ongoing auditing. The findings suggest that blockchain can reduce information asymmetry and enhance stakeholder collaboration, but caution businesses about the challenges of adoption. The paper recommends future research to improve business practices and encourage collaboration among stakeholders to create suitable blockchain ecosystems for accounting and auditing in the digital age.</p> Nikita Lalwani Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-17 2023-10-17 2 4 63 74 10.55829/ijmpr.v2i4.190 STUDY ON PERCEPTION OF INVESTORS TOWARDS DISCOUNT BROKERS <p>This study focuses on Perception of Investors towards Discount Brokers, As Online trading emerged nowadays into the financial markets and the factors that affect the investors behaviors towards online investing and the new financial products. The online trading was first introduced in early 2000 by NSE (National Stock Exchange) which was latterly accepted by many other Exchanges, Discount Brokers is nothing but the optimum use of technology in the field of Investment with efficient regulatory bodies monitoring the market. The Discount Brokers has attracted the highest number of investors nowadays, and most of them are young generation who are influencing or influenced by other investors or online broking firms who gives attractive offers and discounts to the investors. So, the main objective to study is Perception of Investors towards discount brokers.</p> Astha Vyas Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-17 2023-10-17 2 4 75 79 10.55829/ijmpr.v2i4.191 AN EXPLORATORY STUDY ON CONSUMER PREFERENCES AND PRIORITIES IN THE REAL ESTATE MARKET OF AHMEDABAD DISTRICT <p>The Ahmedabad real estate market is fast increasing, and people's purchasing decisions are always shifting, based on criteria such as location, income level, pricing, and facilities. Based on a sample size of 261 respondents collected via a Google form, the purpose of this study is to better understand the shifting trends and preferences in Ahmedabad's residential real estate market. According to the survey, location is the most important factor for Ahmedabad residents when looking for new home properties, emphasising the importance of accessibility and ease. This research can help real estate developers, investors, and policymakers promote the development of affordable housing options and long-term growth in Ahmedabad's real estate sector.</p> Arindam Satpati Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-17 2023-10-17 2 4 80 87 10.55829/ijmpr.v2i4.192 SHARIAH-COMPLIANT FINANCE: AN ANALYSIS OF THE ISLAMIC FINANCIAL SERVICES INDUSTRY <p><em>A study on the Islamic financial services industry is a comprehensive analysis of the financial sector that operates in accordance with Islamic principles, also known as Shariah-compliant finance. Shariah is Islamic law and code of conduct derived from the divine principles mentioned in primary sources of Islam i.e., Quran and Sunnah. Islamic finance is guided by the principles of Islamic law (Shariah), which prohibit activities such as charging or paying interest (usury) and engaging in speculative transactions. Instead, Islamic finance promotes ethical and equitable financial practices. This research highlights the substantial growth and financial soundness of the Islamic financial services industry, and it suggests a positive outlook for the sector's future. Islamic finance has gained momentum globally, attracting both Islamic and non-Islamic investors who are interested in ethical and Shariah-compliant financial solutions.</em></p> Nazmeen Barafwala Amitkumar Mehta Copyright (c) 2023 International Journal of Management, Public Policy and Research 2023-11-05 2023-11-05 2 4 88 94 10.55829/ijmpr.v2i4.195 EXPLORING CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND LOYALTY IN THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS INDUSTRY: A COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW <p><em>In the telecommunications industry, renowned for its customer-centric approach, this research delves into the vital connection between customer satisfaction and loyalty. The study comprehensively reviews existing literature, drawing insights from diverse geographical regions. This meticulous analysis uncovers both common threads and disparities within the current body of research, providing valuable guidance for scholars and researchers navigating the intricate landscape of customer satisfaction and loyalty within the telecom sector. Additionally, the review illuminates the evolving definitions of customer loyalty, ranging from observable behaviours to profound commitment, while delineating three distinct approaches to measurement. This systematic exploration underscores the contemporary shift in business strategy, highlighting the transition from a focus on customer acquisition to one centred on retention, ultimately reaffirming the pivotal role of customer loyalty in today's business landscape.</em></p> Nazima Malek Swati Dave Copyright (c) 2023 International Journal of Management, Public Policy and Research 2023-11-05 2023-11-05 2 4 95 107 10.55829/ijmpr.v2i4.193